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If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

I describe my approach as rapid prototyping for success. It is outcome oriented. I help people to find their passion and purpose, define their personal brand, empower the leader inside of them.

Sometimes we choose change and other times we are forced to adapt to a change in our environment or situation. Either way we must respond.

Everyone already has all the resources they need to shape their lives exactly as they want them.

If you have self limiting beliefs that are stopping you, why not let go of these now.

Wanting to start your own business?

Where to begin to:

  • Check what you really want to do.
  • Set a purpose and goals to drive your momentum.
  • Breakthrough any personal limitations.
  • Gather all the resources you need.
  • Address branding, marketing & sales, operations, making money.

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Getting your CV and mindset ready for your career

Do you want to:

  • Review your career pathway.
  • Identify new work options.
  • Learn how to write a CV.
  • Prepare for an interview.

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“Sue has a wealth of experience and knowledge she brings to the table for every session. I utilise the energy and confidence Sue instils in me to advance my business objectives and I come away from each session with enthusiasm and drive. Sue made me feel very, very professional. It was so good to have this confidence in my new business. She also taught me to ‘act as if’ even though I was getting up to speed. I also found her marketing and branding mentoring invaluable, Sue is a motivator and coach extraordinaire.”
Ross, Christchurch

“Sue is an absolute champion, and a real delight to work with. I was introduced to her while I was having a tough time transitioning into a new career. My free 30 minute consult rolled straight into a full two hour session and I never looked back. Highly, highly recommended for anyone at a career crossroads, or just wanting to get more out of their working life.”
Jake, Auckland

“I was delighted with the coaching I got from the Breakthrough Depot! Susan gave me a real insight into what makes me unique and I’m now able to define and promote my own personal brand!”
​Karen, Leadership Linguist, London

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