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Ask yourself what you really want, if you could make a change what would it be? Chances are, you’ve got something you don’t want – or you want something you don’t have.

You can break through, safely, quickly, easily. It’s stressless and even fun when your purpose is aligned with your values. You can build new beliefs in yourself for anything you want in your life. Plan your way forward exactly as you want it.

Design Your Life

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Do you want to:

  • Let go of old habits that no longer serve your purpose, and replace them with new beliefs.
  • Better understand your work or lifestyle balance
  • Align all the different aspects of your life so you feel congruent and in flow.
  • Define and ask the real questions about what you want in  in a particular aspect of your life.
  • Learn ways to better flex with change.

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Personal Purpose

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Learn to meditate

Do you want to:

  • Better understand what meditation is all about.
  • Learn different meditation techniques and discover what suits you best.
  • Gain insight on how meditation can help you cultivate calm, support insight.
  • Fine tune to know the difference between meditation and mindfulness.
  • Check out this first instruction

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“When I met Sue I was at rock bottom in my marriage.  I met her at her rooms, it was a beautiful day.  When I think back to that particular day I remember how dark I felt inside and the choking feeling around my throat.  I was a mess. I wish I had met Sue sooner.  Her kindness and wisdom, gave me the strength to leave my marriage.  She taught me not to be afraid.  Today I feel light, free and there is no choking feeling anymore.  I truly believe I could not have done it without her help. – Thanks Sue x​
Jane – Auckland

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