“I went to Sue for coaching to get a new job – I felt I was stuck in a rut, working in a job I was no longer passionate about and yet was too afraid to make the scary leap into a new career. As I’m based in Sydney, all our sessions were on Skype, which worked really well as Sue was super flexible with appointment times, and always did her best to work around my schedule. She helped me define what my perfect job could be – we set out every detail of what I had always wished for in a job but never thought I would be able to achieve. She coached me to make applications and do interviews. She gave me incredible clarity and confidence – instead of thinking ‘I wish I could do…’, I found myself thinking ‘I can do…’

It took a few weeks, but I found and was successful in getting EXACTLY the job I wanted, meeting each of the 5 criteria I had defined in our sessions.

Thank you Sue – it’s been a life-changer and I am so happy and confident in my new role! 10/10.”

Sophie, Sydney

I was in a phase of change in my life aware that perhaps certain beliefs about myself were holding me back.
I really liked the fact that Susan has so many different tools and skills, therapy with which to draw on. I kind of felt it was like going to a multiple of therapy/coaches rolled into one!
I felt really relaxed and comfortable with Susan, very easy to talk to and professional.

She was ready for me when I arrived and I felt she was giving me plenty of time (unlike other places that I have gone to and you feel rushed or looking at the clock).

Janet, Auckland

“Sue is an absolute champion, and a real delight to work with. I was introduced to her while I was having a tough time transitioning into a new career. My free 30 minute consult rolled straight into a full two hour session and I never looked back. Highly, highly recommended for anyone at a career crossroads, or just wanting to get more out of their working life.”

Jake, Auckland

“Sue has a wealth of experience and knowledge she brings to the table for every session. I utilise the energy and confidence Sue instils in me to advance my business objectives and I come away from each session with enthusiasm and drive. Sue made me feel very, very professional. It was so good to have this confidence in my new business. She also taught me to ‘act as if’ even though I was getting up to speed. I also found her marketing and branding mentoring invaluable, Sue is a motivator and coach extraordinaire.”

Ross, Christchurch

When I first started coaching with Sue I was at an all time low in my life. My marriage had ended and I was dealing with other significant loss. I didn’t know how to break from the cycle of grief and overwhelming sadness. It seems hard to believe that this was only a year ago. At the time I had no idea of what to do or how to move on. I had lost all hope of finding happiness within myself. Sue used a range of tools to guide me to the place I am today – where I look forward to each day and the possibilities of life. I have a job that is rewarding, reflects who I am as a person and it pays me properly. I feel I have something of value to offer. Most importantly Sue has given me a box of tools to use. That’s the most wonderful thing of all – I feel more confident that I am able to deal with life and it’s inevitable challenges.

Thank you so very much Sue.

Julie, Auckland

“When I met Sue I was at rock bottom in my marriage. I met her at her home, it was a beautiful day. When I think back to that particular day I remember how dark I felt inside and the choking feeling around my throat. I was a mess. I wish I had met Sue sooner. Her kindness and wisdom, gave me the strength to leave my marriage. She taught me not to be afraid. Today I feel light, free and there is no choking feeling anymore. I truly believe I could not have done it without her help. – Thanks Sue x​

Jane, Auckland

“I recently had one session with Sue for a phobia I developed as a toddler whereby I couldn’t eat meat or eggs. I am incredibly impressed that someone was able to remove 36 years of strange eating habits in 2 hours.

I found Sue to have a very calm nature which helped get me to a point where it could work.
Looking at eggs made me gag and i couldn’t even imagine eating them. As you can imagine this makes life difficult when you don’t eat half the food pyramid and have no valid reason for it.

I am naturally a sceptic coming from a science background but was open to giving it a crack. I’d also previously had someone try and hypnotise me which didn’t work. Sue performed timeline therapy and hypnotherapy. Although I don’t really remember a lot of it I decided to try eggs that night to see if it it had worked. I was able to eat scrambled eggs with no gagging or thought that this was wrong. I ate pork the following night.

I’d highly recommend Sue given the rapid results I saw. 10/10.”

Nick, Sydney

“Sue is a fantastic coach, very intuitive and empathetic. During our sessions her questioning enabled me to understand the root cause of my issues, issues which had been around for most of my life. She enabled me to be free of my doubts and fears and to clearly see the way forward. With Sue’s insight and guidance I have been able to set and achieve goals to a far better fulfilled life – thank you so much Sue.”

Debbie, London

“I had a breakthrough session with Susan and I haven’t looked back. I feel very happy and have already achieved one of the goals we set together.”

Maria, London

“I went to Sue because I wanted to find out what sort of learner I was as I have gone back to school as a mature student. I feel confident going into this new term that this session will have helped me immensely.”

Katrina, Auckland

“I was delighted with the coaching I got from the Breakthrough Depot! Susan gave me a real insight into what makes me unique and I’m now able to define and promote my own personal brand!”

Karen, Leadership Linguist, London

“I had a fear I had of not being able to remember things and it was starting to create feelings of anxiety. The session was brilliant and I and can now trust that my memory is fine and have techniques now to deal with it if it occurs again.”

Patricia, Auckland

“Sue trained me to give my first presentation as a doTERRA health advocate. I improved incredibly from the first practice to presenting to a group on the night. I got over my anxiousness, learnt how to open up and speak to my audience.

Sue also taught me how to plan and deliver the content of my speech on flash cards which was so helpful. She then videoed me and I’m excited to give my next speech to improve my presentation, noting my body posture, tonality, and my storytelling skills. Sue was so intuitive and read and empathised with me completely. In just a few sessions I feel like a changed woman. I can only go up from here… I’m confident about that!”

Sara-Joy Prado, Sydney

“I was suffering from a serious lack in confidence and doubted my success in my new business. But a combination of techniques Sue used and her personal sensitivity made me feel trusting and open and that enabled me to make some major changes in my approach. I had new confidence, and for my first presentation had no nerves and

was just so proud of myself. I couldn’t have done it with Sues’ help.”

Sara-Joy Prado, Sydney

“I am studying to be a lawyer as a mature student and with English my second language I was really struggling with a problem in confidence to pass my exams. I had amazing consultations with Susan. She helped me to be sure I was on the right career path. She gave me strategies to learn for my exams. I am happy to say I am an AA student. My anxiety is under control. We also talked about love and since then I found a partner.”

Michaela, London

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