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What if you already had all the skills you need to earn more money in 2018?

 How to find the right job, one that you’ll be great at, enjoy more – and earn more. 5 ways to use your existing skills to increase your income – and give more value to others. 

I love this blog by Leigh Johnson and agree with everything she writes. Leigh offers 5 ways to use your existing skills to increase your income – and give more value to others.

Leigh is a Work & Life Coach (and creator of She Loves Life Over 50) and says she often have clients who believe they need to learn something new, correct a weakness or be a superstar before they deserve to earn more.

1. Get a job you love

How do you get a job that you’ll enjoy way more, and how will that give you a pay rise? This is where one of my free resources can help.

Use my Love Your Job Cheat Sheet to find out what energises you, what you find most effortless, and where you can be most effective.

Then use the guidelines provided to find the right job, one that you’ll be great at and enjoy more.

If you love your job and you’re great at it, then there’s a big chance you’ll get paid more. I know I’ve been there!

Here’s where you can download my Love Your Job Cheat Sheet. It only takes 5 minutes to complete the 3EEEs questionnaire.

2. Contracting or Consulting

Leaving a permanent position to become a contractor or consultant can increase your income as well as provide flexibility and other lifestyle benefits.

Contractors and consultants are paid more because they bring specialist skills to an organisation, for the specific time that they are needed.

This will often be for projects where the organisation does not already employ the talent they need and with the rapid changes taking place today, this is happening more often.

Do your research and take the plunge. To be a successful contractor or consultant, you’ll need to learn how to market your specialist skills as well as develop your business skills.

3. Freelancing

Another option is to freelance your existing skills through one of the online portals like upwork.comfreelancer.com or fiverr.comThese sites help you market your skills to those who need them – anywhere in the world!

For example, I use a graphic designer who lives in Latvia; my ebook editor is a retired US citizen who lives in Mexico; and my blog site is supported by Kerry (The Blog Mechanic) who lives in Portugal.

Creating another income stream is a great way to earn more. Plus one day you may find it creates enough income so you can live your dream.

4. Make use of the skills you take for granted

We all have skills that we don’t place any value on. They’re the things that we’ve picked up over the years that we don’t recognise because they’ve become just a part of who we are. We don’t value them because we don’t think they’re anything special.

An example is my retired friend who has put the skills she gathered in her 40-year management and sales career to set up two very profitable Airbnb units. What makes it easy (and fun) for her is that she’s great at marketing, building relationships, problem solving and getting things done!

Another friend has a talent for making stuff. If you love cooking, crafting or painting, perhaps you could do what she’s doing which is running a stall at the local market? (If you’re shy about doing this on your own then do you have a friend you could team up with.)

Or maybe you love cycling and know everything there is to know about maintaining a bike. How about setting up a workshop in your garage and creating a Facebook page to market your service?

5. Become a teacher or a coach

Here’s a fact. To be a successful teacher or coach you don’t have to be an expert!

You only need to know more about the subject than your students and a passion to help others.

Here’s some suggestions:

– teach Maths or English to students who need help

– be a skills or mindset coach for novice sports-people

– use your leadership experience to coach millennials who want to fast track their career

– use your experience in writing CVs and job applications to teach others how to do this more successfully

Take action

How will it feel if you can look back one year from now and see that you’ve used your skills differently; to give more value and earn more?

You are not your resume. You are your work! (Seth Godin)

I love helping women over 50 find new ways to work and live. Please share your ideas and experience on this topic.

Thank you Leigh (Sue Warren  The Breakthrough Depot) – I work with my clients too to support them to find the right job, one that they’ll be great at and enjoy more.


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