During these current uncertain times, many of us have taken time to reflect on our priorities. From a place to call home, our families and relationships, safety and health, we may also be struggling with finding the confidence to make changes in our lives and look again at our personal purpose and our motivation for what we do.

I believe what is most important is our ability to deal with the challenges we are given, there will always be calm seas, rough seas, winds, rain and sunshine!

Coaching can be a really useful tool in learning to manage ourselves and our thinking so we can stay resourceful.

I work across career coaching, business and personal development. Right now career coaching has become relevant for many people as they have lost their job or the job they had is no longer what they want. Many of us are feeling more vulnerable. If we are looking for work then we need to be able to stack up our transferable skills to go for a new job and be clear on our value proposition.

I work with MyCareerBrand┬áto coach professionals and I’m committed to coaching a balanced career progression through leadership and personal development, lifestyle and professional alignment.

My Career Transformation programme is designed especially for these times of uncertainty to be proactive in managing change, working through career transition, dealing with redundancy, addressing burnout and eliminating any beliefs that are holding you back.

I work with you to express your personal brand, find your authenticity and confidence based on aligning your goals and values with where you want to be in your career. I support you to gain clarity and conviction around your purpose combined with your transferable skills and track.

I also work in personal development at The Breakthrough Depot. You can see more about what I offer here on this website.

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