Courage to be authentic in the face of change and scrutiny

Once again here in NZ we have woken up to dramatic news of political change with the announcement from popular and hardworking Auckland Central MP, Nikki Kay, that she will retire from politics.

Nikki Kay has survived a traumatic series of events with breast cancer. She says she does not take anything for granted, life can change at any moment. “I don’t see life as a situation you can always plan. You have to know when your time is up. Trust your own instincts.”

Whatever our politics, events this week provide insights. In my line of work – professional and personal coaching – the first step in thriving, even in very difficult circumstances, is to check our sense of purpose and reflect on what we stand for; and whether our goals are congruent with our values.

When our values are crossed or undermined the result is personal incongruency. We can ignore this. But sooner or later at our personal cost.

Life happens – and all we can control is how we deal with it! We have seen people in the past few days who have taken dramatic steps to control how they deal with their lives.

Interviewed this morning Nikki Kay was asked what has motivated her, in her life and a demanding political career. She described beliefs which drove her:

§  Sense of compassion

§  Fighting for freedom

§  Progressive…

§  Being able to help people – a life calling of public service.

§  …Yet pave the way forward for people coming through..

We are all valuable yet no-one is indispensable. Nikki Kaye has taken a decision to get her life back and Amy Adams too, this morning describing herself feeling like the AJ Hackett of NZ politics, yet demonstrating you can change your mind! And that’s okay.

In this morning’s RNZ interview Kathryn Ryan questioned whether there is a time in life where major pivots are possible.. a time for reinventing…to reflect… There’s no doubt the Covid-19 environment has opened up this space for many of us.

Now the question is how courageous are we to reflect and make changes in our life if we know our values are conflicting with our goals, and our personal purpose seems off grid. Getting back on track, even when that means dramatic change and uncomfortable scrutiny , finally we can only each make the call for ourselves. That takes honesty and courage.





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