The Pains of Transformation

Working with my clients in the area of transformation, in particular in personal branding and change around career search and acquisition, this is a great post on understanding how to move forward through the pains of transformation with courage.

Stéphanie Mitrano-Méda asks: “how do we acknowledge the pains of transformation?
Start by asking the following questions and be sure to listen to the answers, however “annoying” or “irrational” you might perceive them to be:
1 How is this transformation affecting your daily life? On a physical, practical and operational level?

2 What skills or competencies do you already have that can support the transformation? What will require an effort for you?

3 What skills do you feel you need to develop so you can be confident about your new mission?

4 How is this transformation aligned, or in conflict with your values?

How do you feel about the transformation? What are you worried about? What do you find frustrating? What do you feel you might lose? What motivates you in our proposed transformation?”
Read the full article here.
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