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I’m 100% committed in my life: work, lifestyle, personal development, with family, friends, colleagues. My mantra is be curious, courageous, and live a life that matters. I encourage my clients to find their purpose and define their dreams, ensure work and lifestyle balance, as entrepreneurs fulfil their potential and provide great role models for those around them. Whatever stage of life, perhaps a student, graduate, parent, partner, a retired person, to deal with change, and those things that we know are holding us back from the results we seek.

I’ve had 30 years professional experience working in sustainable tourism, branding and marketing plus various other vocations along the way. I use the insights and skills I’ve developed on my journey to be an inspiring and resourceful coach and mentor.
Like many women I’ve experienced those competing and often conflicting expectations of having a family, pursuing a demanding career, staying healthy, and leading a balanced lifestyle. I’ve had to navigate my way through changes that I could never have imagined, and learn to address change with patience, positivity and self-belief.

As a mature student I qualified as a Certified Master Trainer, Master Practitioner and Master Coach of NLP, Timeline Therapy® & Hypnotherapy. I trained in London and in Switzerland, and also in New Zealand in Executive Coaching with the ICC programme. I’ve practised meditation for more than 30 years. I’ve loved the opportunities I’ve had to run training and mentoring programmes in the UK, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. Also to present at international conferences. I feel grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn, from all sorts of people.

Sue has a wealth of experience and knowledge  she brings to the table for every session.  I utilise the energy and confidence Sue instils in me to advance my business objectives and I come away from each session with enthusiasm and drive.  Sue made me feel very, very professional. It was so good to have this confidence in my new business. She also taught me to ‘act as if’ even though I was getting up to speed. I also found her marketing and branding mentoring invaluable, Sue is a motivator and coach extraordinaire. ” 
Ross, Christchurch

“Sue is a fantastic coach, very intuitive and empathetic. During our sessions her questioning enabled me to understand the root cause of my issues, issues which had been around for most of my life. She enabled me to be free of my doubts and fears and to clearly see the way forward. With Sue’s insight and guidance I have been able to set and achieve goals to a far better fulfilled life – thank you so much Sue.”
Debbie, London

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